The term ‘Ministry’ may conjure up in one’s mind a variety of images.  One might think of a priest being called to “the Ministry” or someone who helps out in a soup kitchen to be “ministering” to others.  In a parish community, when we speak of ministries, we are really talking about how we serve.

We serve in a multitude of ways.  We serve one another within St. Mary by the Lake faith community and we serve those we encounter in our everyday lives in the world.  We serve on several levels; locally, nationally and globally. We serve through our actions and through our prayers.

Every person is invited to develop their faith life and grow spiritually through the act of service.  In this place, you can see many areas you might consider as an avenue to grow by giving of yourself in service.  While you will see opportunities listed in categories, this is not a comprehensive list!  There is always the possibility that God is calling you to something more.

Some of the general areas for ministry at St. Mary are listed below; there are many subcommittees as well! 

· Faith Formation

· Human Concerns Committee 

· Prayer & Worship

· Stewardship & Evangelization 

If you are interested in any of these ministries, or exploring something that is not listed, please contact the parish office at 262-639-3616