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Human Concerns

Pastoral Staff

        Rev. Stephen J. Stradinger, Pastor

        Robert Starr, Deacon

        Jeff Rasmussen, Liturgy & Worship

        Heather Warner, Director of Christian Formation

        Mary Loendorf, Admin. Assistant


     Parish Office:                 262- 639-3616

     Fax:                                         639-1999

     Religious Ed:                        639-4493

     Father Steve:                        321-0989

     Deacon Bob:                 847-890-8671



Our Mission
We, the people of St. Mary's By the Lake Parish, Racine,WI. establish the following as the Statement of our mission:
Our present and our future center on three aspects of a true life in God and Christ, the Bible, the Eucharist, and the Marketplace. And we join to each of these the responsibilities we assumed as a baptized people: to be priests, prophets and king-servants.
    Saturday: 5:00 PM
    Sunday: 8:00 AM, 9:30 AM
Saint Mary By the Lake
 Archdiocese of  Milwaukee 
About Us

Welcome to the Internet address of St. Mary by the Lake Parish, here in Racine WI. Let me extend you a personal invitation to visit our community at Sunday Mass. Thank you for considering St. Mary Parish for your weekend prayer experience. Let us remember each other as we walk through life together!

Christian Formation 
    Muggs Mueller, Secretary
    Patrick Krukowski, Treasurer
Catholic Herald
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Parish Council
Gregg Maki, Chairperson             Richard Pozzi
Mary Paul, Vice Chair                   Brian Ramczyk
Ramona Oertel, Secretary             Diane Sinner
Pam Alley                                       Kimberly Strike
Deb Keil                                          Jan Topczewski
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Liturgy and Worship
Sacraments & Map 
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E-mail:  stmarybl@wi.twcbc.com 
Mass  -  The Heart of the Matter
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